Which Glue to choose for his False Nails?

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Which Glue to choose for his False Nails – False nails are most often sold in the form of a kit that also includes the glue for fixing them. However, you may want to find them alone and get a suitable glue.

False nail glue must be specially designed to quickly and effectively fix false nails and cannot be chosen lightly. We tell you everything!

Which Glue to choose for his False Nails


Different kinds of false nail glues

False nail glues are most commonly presented in the form of:

  • a simple tube that can hold 2 to 3 g of glue;
  • a tube with an integrated brush with a capacity of 7 to 20 g.

Good to know  : the instructions or the packaging must imperatively mention “special false nails”.

The most efficient products allow you to choose the desired holding time, which ranges from 1 day to 1 week.

The fixing is done by the reaction of several materials contained in the glue, such as:

  • Ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate;
  • Polymethyl methacrylate.

This reaction will allow rapid, reliable, dry fixation in seconds.

Good to know: used at high doses, these components can be harmful to health and lead to a degradation of natural and live nail keratin.


Precautions and tips for using false nail glue

It is imperative :

  • To choose the glue: a tube bought in the shop must include a precise notice of use. For a manicure institute, do not hesitate to learn about the products used.
  • Take the time to stick the fingernail well, to avoid detachments and health problems.
  • That the installation of false-nails is reserved for the great occasions: it does not have to change in habit, in order to preserve the good health of the natural nail.

Warning: it is essential to keep the glue out of the reach of children, and never to inhale or ingest it.

In order to make the most of a glue for false nails, here are our tips to apply when laying:

  • Avoid the formation of a bubble during the pose, the latter will alter the duration of holding the false nail;
  • Respect the drying time at the risk of the manicure peeling off;
  • If the glue overflows the skin, remove it with solvent;
  • Do not use glue for false nails on already damaged or irritated nails.

Good to know: detailed precautions for use are given in the instructions supplied with the glue.

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