Serbia makes an inclusive vaccination

Very good news for migrants in Serbia, they have been included in the vaccine campaign for the fight against Corona Virus, this pandemic that has been ramping for more than a year and has made enough victims. In these beginnings of the year 2021 it has already done enough dead and thus pushed several states in the confinement. Is it really an inclusion, and how was it possible?

Effective fight against CVIV-19

Since the advent of the Corona Virus, several states have tried in their way of finding an effective solution for the sole purpose of preserving the health of their population. Thus, Serbia, which is part of the European Vaccination Champions on the European continent, has recently begun to vaccinate volunteers among the 5,000 migrants registered in the country. The goal is to vaccinate all resident migrants in Serbia to effectively combat coronavirus.

Difficulties in the vaccination campaign

Since the beginning of the epidemic, only 32 migrants have fallen sick, and currently 4 are contaminated. In the Obrenovic camp where is part of the refugees, located one-hour drive to the south of Belgrade, it was registered that 15 volunteers for vaccination, on a population of nearly 450 migrants living on the spot. This figure does not reassure the authorities who say many are not sure of being in Serbia at the time of the second injection.

What steps take

While waiting for the 5,000 migrants to be vaccinated against CVIV-19, the Serbia authorities proceed in general awareness across several channels in particular public videos. “We have informed migrants in their own language, with videos on the projected Covid-19 on television screens in the refectories. Similarly, the World Health Organization (OMS) has published a prospectus that explains to Migrants, all that can interest them about the vaccine, “Svetlana Palic explained, an authority of the Refugee and Migration Commissioner of Serbia.

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