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How to Remove Fingernail Polish from Skin – I know how annoying it is to bump the enamel into the skin and then not be able to remove it. It’s very boring! I take the utmost care when I am doing the nails so this does not happen, and that is why I will teach How To Remove Nail Polish from the skin.

There is nothing more ugly and uncomfortable than smudged enamel on the skin. Removes all the beauty of the nails. It seems that the person is relaxed, careless. It does not look cool.

For this very reason, in this tutorial, I will teach you How To Remove Enamel from the skin easily. So you will no longer need to sacrifice yourself to take off that unwanted enamel or embarrass yourself, implying sloth in your appearance.

I will also give you other tips on how to scratch nails well-made, beautiful and unfailing. Come on?



Always, before starting to do my nails, I spend solid Vaseline. It helps later on the removal of the enamel. Plus, it protects and moisturizes the skin, you know?

Another amazing effect that solid vaseline does is soften the cuticles and make them softer.



After you pass the solid petroleum jelly on the skin and by chance erase it from enamel, simply rub the cotton swab over it it will be removed at the same time. Is not that unbelievable?

How to Remove Fingernail Polish from Skin

But believe me! It happens! Even if you rub with your own finger, the enamel will also come out. You can take the test. I myself have done this several times on How To Remove Nail Polish with Vaseline and it always worked. I make no effort to remove, and the skin is perfect as if it had never been erased before.



After I discovered solid petroleum jelly, I could see the various advantages it offers. I do not live without it anymore.

She simply, besides what I have already mentioned, strengthens and gives volume to the eyelashes, leaves the feet more hydrated, elbows lighter, finishes the cracks in the lips, fixes the perfume better (until that, can you believe it?), clears the knees, among many other things.



It is very important for me, and for you woman, to always be with the well-made, well-groomed, well-groomed nail. Unfortunately, it is not always that we have time to go to the manicure. So I’m going to teach you now a very basic step by step to keep your nails always beautiful.

The first step I do to do my nails is to cut them with the nail clipper. So, I leave them at the desired size. Soon after cutting them, I trash them, leaving them in the format I desire. You can leave them round or square.

After that, it’s time to soften the cuticles. I do this by leaving them in the warm water or by passing a cuticle softener. You can also pass on the solid vaseline because it is also a great cuticle softener.

Then with a spatula, after the cuticles are soft, I pull them down and withdraw the excess with the pliers. I always take care not to go too deep and end up hurting my finger.

After removing the cuticles, base step on my nails in order to prepare them to receive the enamel. Pincelle them so that they are very beautiful and completely covered by the base.

Afterwards, I then choose the color of enamel I will want to pass and slide your brush over all my nails as well, being careful not to overeat and to pass enough product on my nails.

Finally, with the help of a cotton cloth wrapped in the orange tree stick or a cotton swab, I remove all the enamel that is on the skin, outside the nail. As I step solid petroleum before, this withdrawal is much easier, as you know. Ready! I get nails beautiful, perfect and elegant!



To maintain nail health, it is necessary to acquire some important habits. I’ll list them now.

Always moisturize cuticles and hands. As I said before, solid Vaseline is great for this. Spend a couple of times a day and you will see the difference.

Prefer to sand the nails into a round shape. Although I am a big lover of the square shape and recognize how it beautifies a woman’s hand, the round shape is most suitable for nail health, especially those that are brittle and brittle.

When sanding, sand only in one direction. Thus, you do not harm the lower layers of the nail. Also avoid sanding the surface.

Another important tip for maintaining healthy nails is to frequently use strengthening bases that stimulate growth. If possible, spend every week.

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