How to Use a Pressure Cooker Correctly

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The pressure cooker, if not used properly can become a very dangerous instrument. Whenever you buy a pressure cooker, you need to read the manual carefully for safety reasons. But here we will teach you how to handle the pressure cooker.

How to Use a Pressure Cooker Correctly


How to use the pressure cooker correctly?

The pressure cooker has been developed to have its boiling time high so you can cook the food quickly. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to handle it correctly.

Step One

It is necessary that you know the parts that a pressure cooker has, as we will show next.

  • Security lock;
  • Safety valve;
  • Valve with pin;
  • Rubber sealing;

Step Two

You should be aware of the maximum level of water that the pan holds. Never place dry food or extrapolate the level of water that the pots usually make.

Step Three

When capping the pan, be careful with the rubber, for your safety, see if it is well placed to avoid a risk of an accident.

Step Four

After filling the water at the permitted level, and checking the rubber, you should put the pan on the high heat and let it boil.

Step Five

As soon as the pin starts to sizzle and sway, you should lower the fire.

Step Six

If the cooking time is over, you should turn off the heat. And let the pan cool, never open the pan if it is still under strong pressure.

Step Seven

To speed up the pressure withdrawal process, you need to remove the pan from the fire, placing it under the faucet, only on the side.

Step Eight

If you notice that the pin has lowered and made no more noise, then you can use the pan safely. But just handle after checking that there is no pressure.


Other pressure cooker care

The Fire Department itself advises that a lot of caution is required to use the pressure cooker, as well as the gas cylinder. After all, the majority of domestic accidents, arise from the misuse of such equipment. Check out more recommendations.

  • Make sure the pressure really is gone.
  • Check the InMetro seal before purchasing a pan.
  • If the pin is not squeaking when the pan is on the fire, it may not be working properly. You should turn off the fire.
  • See if the rubber is dry or you want to break it in the middle, and if it is you should change it immediately.
  • Analysis of the time of use, after all, nothing is eternal.

If it has already been used a lot, you should change it, after all, if the rubber is already worn or damaged it can be very damaging.

Anyway …

The pressure cooker can be simple to use if you take all the precautions mentioned above. You should note any changes in the shape of the pan, either on the pin, rubber, or valve.

Be aware of the maximum amount of water that each pot allows. Too much water can also be harmful. If necessary, ask the manufacturer for directions and only use if you have the pin and all the parts you need.

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