How to Tie a Balloon Easily

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How to Tie a Balloon – Although it seems the simplest thing in the world, tying a balloon that has just filled can sometimes have a certain difficulty. If you are one of those people who have difficulty doing this, you get in the way of your hands and in the end the balloon air escapes, take note of these tips.


How to Tie a Balloon

How to Tie a Balloon Easily

Steps to follow:

  1. To properly tie a balloon you can follow two methods. Pay attention to the following advice.
  2. Firstly, for both cases, fill your bladder leaving a space without air in the mouth. If it’s too full, let go of the air and hold your mouth with your fingers.
  3. Keep your thumb by holding your mouth to keep out more air. With your other fingers, extend the neck of the mouth several times. This way you will ensure that it is long enough to hold the node. If it is not, release a little more air and repeat the procedure.
  4. Then stretch the neck again and wrap it between your index and middle fingers. Make with the hand that is most comfortable for you. Then pass the tip of your mouth through the space left by the bottleneck curled between your fingers.
  5. On the other hand, stretch the bottleneck and finish the knot. Your balloon is ready! But you can also tie a balloon by following another method, check it out next.
  6. After filling the balloon and when you are already holding it by the neck of the mouth, stretch and make a kind of ring or circle with reference to your index and middle fingers.
  7. Then insert the end of the mouth-neck into the middle of the circle you created and stretch it quickly. Ready! With this simple trick, you will be able to tie your balloon and leave it perfect.

Pieces of Advice

  • Be careful not to overfill the balloon as it could explode and hurt both you and the people around you.
  • If the balloon you bought has a short neck, wrap it in just one of your fingers. This way, it will be easier to do the knot.

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