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How to Reuse Jeans – Forget the idea that old clothes have to become cleaning cloths or be thrown away, even more so in the case of jeans, this fabric so tough and at the same time, funky does not deserve to be simply discarded. If you still do not know what to give to those pants that can no longer be used, We have practical, beautiful and useful ideas on how to reuse jeans.


Jeans bag

How to Reuse Jeans

An idea that never goes out of style when it comes to jeans is bags. Two jeans and a sewing machine is basically all you need to get a 100% authentic and reused bag. The accessories and the customization are also on your account, it is worth investing in applications of other types of fabric, buttons, beads, and buttons to leave the bag with your face.


Jeans skirt

How to Reuse Jeans 1

One way to make pieces of clothing to take advantage of jeans plus the shorts or shorts, which simply cut a little from the legs, you can turn the pants into a skirt. For this, it is important that the upper part of the pants is in good condition. So, just follow the tutorial on how to turn jeans into skirts and parade around with the new outfit.


Personalized dog collar

How to Reuse Jeans 2

Your pet can also benefit from your old jeans! With some patchwork of trousers, you can make a custom tailor made tailor made for your dog.


Shoulder bag jeans

Necessities in the fabric can be made at home, the material that will give the personality is precisely the fabric chosen to stay on the outside. If you follow this tutorial on how to make a necessaire, just use the fabric of the jeans as the outer fabric of the necessaire.


American jeans game

American play, or cutlery, is a way to reuse jeans and fill your table with the charm of a meal. In this step by step how to make an American game of fabric, just wear the jeans of your pants as fabric.


Jeans apron

Still cooking and related, you can enjoy your jeans that you no longer use to make it a cool and sturdy apron to cook. The key is to have a mold and do not miss the seam.


Set of old jeans

How to Reuse Jeans 5

Your home can be decoratively benefited in several ways when it comes to reusing jeans. A simple, cute and fun idea is an all-stylized old game. It serves to stay on the small table in the living room or spend time with two at any time. Classic and infallible!


Teddy bear jeans

How to Reuse Jeans 6

Anyone who has skill with the threads and needle or sewing machine will not find it too difficult to make this teddy bear by reusing the old jeans. The key is to make the right amount of filler and perfect customization: fabrics with other prints, buttons, and accessories are essential to give personality to your creation.


Cell phone holder jeans

How to Reuse Jeans 7

Are the pants so worn out that it does not suit any of the above? Or do not you find yourself hooking enough to reuse your jeans? The solution is to harness the pockets and turn them into a cell phone holder with the right to support the charger and all. This one has no error!

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