How to Reuse Bottles in the Decoration

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How to Reuse Bottles in the Decoration – Whether made of glass or pet, bottles are an excellent and multifunctional type of material for reusing and making various (and beautiful) decorative pieces. Besides economic, its use contributes to the preservation of the environment and leaves the spaces of your home, company or even in a party with a new and more cheerful face. See the various forms presented by us to create beautiful and useful embellishments, and how to reuse bottles in the decoration in a practical, versatile and inexpensive way.


You will need:

  • Glass and pet bottles
  • Barbante + nylon wire
  • Hot glue
  • Rope or wire rope
  • Dome + corded mouthpiece with built-in wire and plug
  • Stylus
  • Soldering iron + stained glass varnish
  • Washers
  • Colorful or white flashing lights
  • Scissors


Steps to follow:

  1. Vases are the most created decor articles with glass bottles. Very easy to make, they give a graceful effect to the environments and combine with any type of flower, both natural and artificial. Vases can have varying colors, sizes, and styles, and be painted with oil-based enamel paint (on the inside of the bottle), decorated with colorful fabrics or strings glued around. You still have the option of leaving the bottles with the label, to give a charm or tell the story of the object, or without it, to combine more easily with the other props of the place. You can also hang them on the wall or ceiling, with strings or thin chains.

    How to Reuse Bottles in the Decoration

  2. Lamps also look great when made with reused glass bottles, which are applied as a support for the dome. Choose the type of bottle you will use, buy a lamp nozzle (your measurement should correspond to the diameter of the neck) with its own wire, plug a, d switch, and drill a hole in the back of the bottle to make room for the thread.How to Reuse Bottles in the Decoration
  3. Lamps are another decorative option with glass bottles – preferably transparent or translucent – and can even be used as Christmas ornaments. Simply drill a hole behind the bottle and insert Christmas lights (also known as flashers) into the container. If the lights are white they will reflect the color of the glass and give an incredible result; if they are colorful, they will be gentle and playful. Tip: with lid the bottle-lamp is even more beautiful!How to Reuse Bottles in the Decoration
  4. Vertical gardens or gardens are made with pet bottles, which look very charming and are practical when hung on the wall, especially if the place where you want to decorate does not have much space. To make them, you should cut the bottles equally and make two holes on each side of the opening made (two top and two bottoms). Thread a cord or wire through these holes and be sure to make small holes in the bottom of the bottles to drain water. At the bottom of the opening of the bottle (consider it horizontally), tie a knot on each side (in the case of the cord) or tie a washer on each wire to support the piece and it does not escape (in the case of wire). When the bottles are properly fixed and aligned, place the soil and seeds, watering as needed for the plant/flower.How to Reuse Bottles in the Decoration
  5. Flowers for photo and message mural made with pet bottles are, in addition to useful and delicate, wildcard-design parts of a home or office. To do this, wash and dry two white two-liter bottles. Drill the bottom of each with a stylus and cut through. Round the “buds” of the bottom with scissors causing them to form petals. Gently press down, for a few seconds, each “petal” on the flame of a candle or stove to form a nozzle. Paint the outside of the piece with a layer of stained glass and the whole piece with the color you prefer (preferably one flower of each color); let it dry for about an hour. Make a small hole in the middle of each flower with a soldering iron. In another pet bottle, draw smaller flower molds, scratching three times. Cut the small flowers at risk and pass them slightly by the flame, rounding their edges. Paint these flowers with a layer of brown stained glass and wait for them to dry for an hour. Drill a hole in the center of each with the soldering iron, cut approximately 30 cm of nylon wire, pass both ends inside a bead, through the smaller flower hole, through the larger flower hole and through the mural (preferably some soft material such as jute); always from the inside out. Give a strong knot and cut the rest of the yarn.How to Reuse Bottles in the Decoration

Decorating with pet bottles allows you to extravasate your ideas, as it allows you to create a multitude of pieces. We teach how this type of material can also be used to make bowls, lamps, bracelets, candlesticks, ottomans, and more.


  • If you want to give another effect to the decorations with glass bottles can replace them by PET.
  • The corks of the glass bottles can be reused, just put several of them inside the bottles; if you like, you can mix other materials with them, such as dried flowers, candles, beads etc. They look very charming! The caps of the pet bottles are also super useful, like pieces to create a frame, for example.
  • To cut the glass bottles the safest is that they are taken to a glazier, he is the ideal professional and has the necessary techniques and materials. The service is fast and cheap.
  • In the lamps, opt for fluorescent lamps, which are economical and considerably reduce energy expenditure.

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