How to Plant Black FlowersHow to Plant Black Flowers

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The black plants are very rare in nature. Pollinating insects prefer brightly colored plants that stand out among the others, which is why they are rare. However, the beauty and aura that these flowers emanate attract many gardening lovers to cultivating these species. I teach how to plant black flowers.

How to Plant Black FlowersHow to Plant Black Flowers
How to Plant Black FlowersHow to Plant Black Flowers

First of all you have to choose the location to make your plantation. The luminosity factor is very important, you have to choose a place where plants receive the amount of sunlight necessary to make their nutrient and oxygen exchanges and grow in a healthy way. However for black flowers, the ideal is to have a place where you have a little of both, sun and shade, so that plants do not burn with excess exposure to sunlight.

Also have to take into account the type of soil, should not be too clay or rocky. The black flowers need at least 15 cm of soil for their roots to expand, so if you do not have a good soil you can always put organic materials in order to get rich with nutrients. The use of a little fertilizer will also help the soil to become more nutritious, in this case we advise you to treat the soil about two weeks before planting so that it gets a fertile and more dispersed mixture.

You should always try to have soil pH levels close to 7. If you are well below that level add a little sulfur to neutralize, otherwise you can add a bit of limestone to lower it a bit. These products are easily found in a garden shop.

In order to get the flowers it is time to make the exchange of the pot to land. This exchange tends to be a bit tricky, however, if we follow our instructions, it will hardly go wrong.

Make a hole until the roots of the black flowers are completely submerged. In the bottom of this hole put a little fertilizer so that the species gain structure in the first times of change and do not surprise the place.

Then remove the black plants from the pots and lightly shake the soil from the roots so that they leave some soil at the bottom of the stem. Put it in the hole and add some of the potted extract mixed with the soil soil.

Finally sprinkle with a little water. Black flowers require the same amount of water as normal flowers, so when you notice the soil is dry, moisten it.

Throughout its growth some branches may become old or with some indication of disease, when this happens try pruning these branches and put a little medicine so the disease does not spread.

There are several kinds of black flowers, so be sure when to plant them and what particular care you should have. Some plants do not like humidity much, prefer drier places, so much so that others prefer a soil with more water.

Finally, some flowers grow more than others, and when they grow up they often can not bear the weight of their branches and end up leaving. We suggest that in these cases, place small stakes in order to support the higher and fragile branches so that they do not break.

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