How to Make Valentines Day Cards for Him

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How to Make Valentines Day Cards for Him – Love is in the air! In the most romantic week of the year, we celebrate Valentine’s Day, an item that can not be missed on this date is the Valentine’s Day card, whether accompanied by a gift or not. What matters is remembering the loved one and making that dedicated dedication!


What is the origin of the tradition in presenting with a card the loved one?

Legend has it that in the third century an emperor Romando named Claudius forbade marriages on the grounds that family union did not favor the creation of good soldiers. But a priest named Valentinus blessed and performed the marriages of the couples in secret, and on account of this he was arrested and condemned to death. In prison, the young Valentine met the daughter of the jailer, a blind girl who served the condemned. They say that Valentine healed her from blindness, fell in love and lived a love story or story because we do not know if it is true.

But before dying, Valentine wrote a letter to his beloved signing at the end of “his Valentine”. And that’s the story of the passionate letters that couples have made centuries. If it is true we do not know, but that is a good story (sad:() That is.

And to demonstrate your affection, love, and zeal, how about making a card for Valentine’s Day? We were looking for various pampering through Pinterest and we discovered beautiful and inspired tutorials for this date, all very easy to do besides being very creative. Separate the materials, choose the best idea and let love flow! 🙂


Ideal for making a card for Valentine’s Day


Card love burst!

Valentines Day Cards for Him

This tutorial is very creative and beautiful and takes no more than 15 minutes to do. The card has a pop-up card type collage that when open reveals the art and message. cuteness! Basically using sulfite paper, colored stamp and cardstock you can make this card.


Heart cutouts

Valentines Day Cards for Him

This card is very simple and can be adapted from various sizes and other paper types.


Heart balloons

Valentines Day Cards for Him


Printable Cards

Do not worry if it is last minute, we also select some models of cards for Valentine’s Day that is just print.

Valentines Day Cards for Him

Valentines Day Cards for Him

Valentines Day Cards for Him

Valentines Day Cards for Him

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