How to Make things out of Paper – 13 Ideas

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How to Make things out of Paper – When it comes to crafts, some people prefer to work more with one type of material than with others. This is super normal and has to do with the tastes and preferences of each. But when we talk about paper crafts, that’s different, because this is one of those materials that most people like.

The paper has some characteristics that make it very attractive to make crafts: the variety of colors weights and prints, and versatility since it serves to make from simpler to more elaborate pieces. You can make, for example, paper toys, party cards, bound albums, calendars, souvenirs and even incredible ornaments to decorate various spaces.


How to Make Paper Stuff Step by Step

Knowing the versatility of this material, we organize a list of 13 paper crafts step by step so it will be easy to reproduce everything you like in your own home. Check out the tips!

Christmas Ornaments

It is possible to decorate whole parties using only papers, whether in the toppers for sweets, in the panel of the cake table and maybe even in the arrangement of the guests’ table. With paper you can create at will, the sky is the limit. A great tip is to use the tissue paper and crepe to make charming ornaments for your upcoming events, the result is very good.

1. The fringed lettering of crepe paper is a great tip for those novices who are looking for a simple and economical wedding decoration, can be used as a tabletop and even as a garland.

How to Make things out of Paper

2. You can turn paper concertinas into beautiful rosettes to decorate parties of all themes. In the photos below, several of these ornaments make up the decoration of a party in the Italian canteen theme, says that it was not a shock to this decoration?

How to Make things out of Paper

3. In this selection of ideas for party ornaments made with paper, we could not stop talking about the darling of the celebrations, the silk pompom. The pompoms are imposing and very similar to large flowers, so they are great for filling empty spaces.

How to Make things out of Paper


Paper Flowers To Decorate

The flowers never go out of fashion, be they natural or artificial, are always welcome in the decoration. Using paper it is possible to make flowers very similar to natural ones, great for decorating the house, personalizing souvenirs and packages.

4. Are you passionate about orchids? So do not miss the chance to learn how to make several of them using paper. The making process is easier than you think, just print the mold, cut and assemble.

How to Make things out of Paper

5. You can use mini paper flowers to create custom ornaments for your home. Take some dry sacks of nature, add some little flowers, and have super-friendly arrangements for your living room.

How to Make things out of Paper

6. The natural roses give the environment a romantic and super feminine air, but worth it that last little in the decoration. The good news is that, with the right technique, it is possible to make paper roses that look a lot like real flowers, they look beautiful enough to sigh.

How to Make things out of Paper


Paper Souvenirs

You can use paper to make cheap and delicate souvenirs for various occasions. For this, just good ideas a little whim.

7. To make beautiful rabbit sacks you basically need paper bags, ribbons and a lot of candy to sweeten your life. Making an Easter remembrance has never been easier, has it?

How to Make things out of Paper

8. The lollipop with crepe paper flower is another cheap and practical gift, ideal for children.

How to Make things out of Paper


Food & Beverage Outlets

Traditionally gift packaging is made of paper, there is nothing new in this. The great news is that, with the right ideas, it is possible to create beautiful packages to accommodate all kinds of gift.

9. The paper bag, although beautiful, is very simple to make. There are people who use these bags even as a birthday memento, it’s really cool, especially when the paper used is combined with the other details of the party.

How to Make things out of Paper

10. No more giving presents in ugly and bland packaging. Just by printing the mold at the correct size it is possible to make boxes of all sizes, small, medium and large. After the little box is assembled, just add a beautiful ribbon bow to decorate it.

How to Make things out of Paper

11. If you are a practical person, you will definitely love the hint of gift wrapping that does not need to use masking tape. This technique is very simple, just make some folds in the gift paper and then make the closure with a rustic yarn. The result is a stylish and contemporary packaging.

How to Make things out of Paper


Ties and Tags for Gift Wrapping

The ties and tags contribute to a much more interesting look and give a certain identity to the package, so they are so used to customize.

12. The decorative ties need not only be fabric, they also look great when made of paper, better still if they are 3D, like the beauty of the picture below.

How to Make things out of Paper

13. The tags can be rustic, classic or romantic, it all depends on the style of the packaging that you want to elaborate. Below we have a super beautiful idea, a simple tag but that is a pure charm.

How to Make things out of Paper


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