How to Make Rose Water – Step by Step

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How to Make Rose Water – Rose water contains vitamin A and C, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties. It was originally invented as a perfume and its refreshing properties were also used early as a beverage. Over time this blend has seen its use more and more widespread as it has been adapted to multiple uses.

How to Make Rose Water

Rose water is now generally applied to refresh and tone the skin due to its fragrant and moisturizing nature. It is also sometimes mixed with lemonade and used as a condiment for some dishes.


What do you need?

  • Fresh roses
  • A big pot
  • Distilled water


Making water with roses

Remove the petals from the roses. The stem and leaves are not needed to make this mixture.

The fresher and less chemical the better the roses. If the roses are not picked by themselves but bought at a store, wipe the petals with cold water to remove the chemicals.

How to Make Rose Water 1

Place the petals in a large pot along with the distilled water. Pour enough distilled water to cover all the rose petals. If you pour in too much water the mixture will be too diluted. Cover the pan with the lid and let it warm until the petals begin to lose color.

Once the petals are gone, filter the water into an enclosed container. Your rose water is ready.

How to Make Rose Water 2

Although more laborious, one way to obtain a purer mixture is to pour the water that accumulates on the lid of the pan with the evaporated heat-water.

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