How to make PET Bottle Piggy Bank Step by Step

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Would you like to combine economics with ecology? We have the solution: make a PET bottle bank to save your savings! In addition to using recycled materials to create this perfect object to give away, this is an ideal activity to do with children. The little ones will learn how to save money, an essential value nowadays, and to reuse materials such as toilet paper tubes and PET bottles. Bet on this fun and didactic activity and decorate the children’s room! I use pink paint to paint the PET bottle piggy, but you can use whatever color you like by matching the decor of the place. To learn how to make PET bottle piggy bank step by step and no frills, keep reading this article!

How to make PET Bottle Piggy Bank Step by Step
How to make PET Bottle Piggy Bank Step by Step


How to make PET Bottle Piggy Bank Step by Step

You will need:

Steps to follow:

  1. To make a PET bottle bank step by step, start by washing the PET bottle well and let it dry. Paint the outside of the toilet paper tubes and the card with paint. Let it dry.
  2. While the toilet paper cartons and tubes dry, paint the entire PET bottle with the pink ink (including the cap, which will make the piggy nose). Leave it to dry as well and, if necessary, spray another coat of paint until the color becomes solid and opaque.How to make PET Bottle Piggy Bank Step by Step
  3. To make the piggy’s ears, cut out two pieces of pink painted card, trying to make it look like the letter U. Then make two cuts at the base of each ear and fold back. Use these little bits to stick the ears in the piggy and let them dry.
    Tip: The endless scissors are essential to ensure the safety of children, so do not ease using sharp, potentially dangerous scissors.
  4. Then cut the toilet paper tubes in half to make the piggy feet. Pass the glue on the edge of just cut, put on the side opposite the side where you pasted the ears and let it dry.
    Tip: So that the halves of the toilet paper tubes fit well on the surfaces, you can trim each leg so that it fits well with the outline of the bottle. However, the ideal is to do this after gluing and drying!How to make PET Bottle Piggy Bank Step by Step
  5. With a stylus (and with the help of an adult, since the stylet is a dangerous tool!) Cut a slot in the top of the PET bottle, where would be short of your piggy. This will be the slot where coins and notes can be inserted to save!
  6. To make the tail, cut a piece of spiral from a used notebook (previously painted pink as well) and glue it onto the PET bottle. Also, glue the little plastic eyes (which can be found in craft stores). Let it dry very well.
  7. After all the piggy bank dries very well, it is ready to be used! Offer a gift for the little ones who need to learn to save or decorate their children’s room with this wonderful and educational object.

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