How to Make Neon Paint

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How to Make Neon Paint – Did you know that neon is a chemical element in the form of gas? In fact, the so-called neon and fluorescent lights are only so because they contain this gas inside, which causes color glowing. But it is not only in the lights that we find neon colors, they are also present in clothes that follow this trend, varnishes and varnishes. For you to learn how to make neon paint and get artwork, on a website like this we have prepared this article. Keep reading and find out!

How to Make Neon Paint


How to Make Neon Paint

Steps to follow:

  1. Look for “phosphorescent powder”, “photoluminescent powder” or simply “powder that glows in the dark” in craft stores or in the Mercado Livre, and get a box of the color you prefer. To use in painting, the most indicated color will be white, because you can get a great variety of colors with this powder.
  2. To become an ink, this powder should be mixed with some solvent, depending on the application that you want to give. It can be used for a variety of purposes except for ingestion – the powder is non-toxic, however, it is not advisable to add it to food.
  3. Some examples of neon paint you can create:
    Neon paint for paint: mix the powder in water-based or oil-based paints;
    Neon paint for body: mix powder with moisturizing cream;
    Neon Hair Paint: mix the powder with colorless hair gel;
    Neon paint for clothes: mix the powder with transparent glue for fabric;
    Neon paint for enamel: mix the powder with clear enamel.
  4. As you can see, the secret to making neon paint is to mix the powder with the material you usually use in the application you want to give it, so dissolve it and use it. Another great option is to buy a makeup type palette ready to use. These kits are very inexpensive and save you some work.



  • The more powder you use, the more neon the ink will get.
  • Turn off the lights to see the dust and paint shining, or brighten it with a black light.
  • If you want to make neon paint for painting, you will need to add paint varnish or polyurethane varnish, otherwise, the mixture will not dry out.

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