How to Make Jewelry, Jewelry Making Processes

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This type of jewelry is usually made to order from the consumer directly choosing the design, material, finish and type of jewelry.

For the manufacture of handcrafted jewelry, it is necessary to have a wide knowledge in the area, since there are many different operations such as rolling, ingot casting, gas welding, sanding, polishing, chemical treatments, heat treatments, drawing, etc.
Each of these operations requires a different type of equipment.


The lamination is used to obtain Gold, Silver, or Brass plates and special profiles, eg rings, rings, all profiles required in the manufacture of jewelry.

This process is based on the principle of the cake roll where the material is subjected to a pressure exerted by two rollers which compress it by decreasing the thickness or giving shapes.

After the casting of the ingot (a blank in the shape of a seed), it is passed several times by the roll. Every time it passes, it gets bigger. After a number of passes the material is annealed.


It is based on the principle of heating the material until it becomes incandescent and then cooled, the way to cool the material is determined by the type of material (gold, silver, brass).

This treatment reconditions the material so it can be reworked (laminated, filed or sanded.).


It is the process of manufacturing metal parts essentially consisting of filling with liquid metal the cavity of a mold with a shape and measures corresponding to those of the part to be manufactured. The foundry is an initial manufacturing process, because it allows the obtaining of pieces with practically definitive shapes, with minimum limitations of size, shape and complexity, and is also the process by which the ingots are manufactured. It is from the ingot that the processes of mechanical forming are carried out to obtain plates, plates, profiles, etc. This may be employed with the most varied types of metal alloys, provided they have the properties suitable for this process, for example, melt temperature and flowability.

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