How to Make Fabric Flowers Step by Step

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How to Make Fabric Flowers – The fabric flowers are beautiful and easy to make, and a great way to use the scrap of handiwork. You can either sew them or place them with a pin in purses or hairpins, or stick them on napkin holders, notepads, or other craft projects. There are many different ways to make fabric flowers. Making fabric flowers is easy and requires a bit of sewing (enough to hold the layers of fabric), and you can make a flower that looks like a rose or a camellia. Fabrics such as simply cotton, with parchment paper work best to make cloth flowers very simply. You can make the flower petals from the same fabric, or use different fabrics to give a more fun appearance.

How to Make Fabric Flowers


You will need:

  • Fabric scraps
  • Scissors
  • Line
  • Needle for sewing by hand
  • Button (optional)


Steps to follow:

  1. Cut two squares of 5cm of fabric, two squares of 4cm of fabric and two squares of 3cm.
  2. Fold each square of fabric in half, then fold in half again.
  3. Cut out the edges of the fabric in the form of waves. (The waves do not need to be perfectly alike to make a beautiful flower shape.)
  4. Extend the fabric, then make cuts between the waves towards the center of the flower, without cutting the petals until the end. These cuts facilitate the opening of the space in the petals and make the flower more three-dimensional.
  5. Place the two large pieces of flower one over the other. Pull the flower petals from the bottom up through the space between the upper petals to make them look softer.
  6. Repeat step 5 with the pair of medium flower petals, and the pair of small flower petals.
  7. Place the pairs of flower petals on top of each other, with the larger petals at the bottom and the smaller petals at the top. Make sure the pairs of petals are centered.
  8. Sew the layers of the flower together through the center, with small stitches. Add a button in the center of the flower if desired.



If you do not want the edges of the simple fabric flowers to deflate, you can apply gel on the edges of each petal.
You can use a button that matches the fabric, or a contrast button if you want the center of the flower to stand out.
Glue a circle of feeling on the back for a cleaner finish.
Be careful when working with scissors and sewing needles.

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