How to Make Decorative Wall Step by Step

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Decorative paintings have become increasingly popular. Many people use this type of accessory to decorate the home, the office or even give gifts to friends and family. The great novelty of the decorative frames is that they are personalized. So, a lot of people prefer handmade frames, which for us is great, right?

In today’s text, let’s give some really easy and cool tips on how to make decorative frames. This activity, as well as being very enjoyable, can be a way to earn extra income, since the pictures are very lucrative. Let’s go?

We chose two very interesting models of decorative paintings.

For this model, we will need:

  • White screen (that you find in stationary) of the desired size
  • Dry brush and leaves

Step by step:

With ordinary paint, paint the entire canvas, leaving no space. Wait for it to dry (about one hour).

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Place the branches and leaves the way you want your design. When you are sure of the positions, throw some spray paint over the branches and leaves, forming the design on the screen.

If you want, decorate the edges with some type of fabric or paint. Ready!

  • White canvas
  • Decorative napkins of your choice

How to make decorative pictures

Using napkins? preference

  • Paint for the frame
  • Paint for the background
  • Brush
  • White glue

Step by step: With the common paint, paint the entire screen, leaving no space in White. Wait for it to dry (about one hour).

Glue the napkin to the center of the screen. Then wipe a white glaze layer over the napkin and let it dry for a few hours.

Make the frame with the paint you have chosen and that’s it! If you want an even more beautiful effect, apply wood (can be popsicle or barbecue) around the napkin, imitating a classic frame.

Tip for two step by step of How to make decorative frames: If you are willing, you can put wooden picture frames on your frame.

However, the current market trend is to opt for increasingly simple accessories in the rustic model. If you leave frames without frame, you’ll spend less on investment and the chances of selling it may be higher.

Here’s how to make another model:

A good idea is to make pictures and offer them together of three or four. People love this type of ornament and the effect on the walls gets even more complete!

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