How to Make Carnival Mask Step by Step

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How to Make Carnival Mask Step by Step – One of the most important and awaited moments of the year is coming: the Carnival. Carnival is a very special moment, of celebration, joy and much, but a lot of fun. Celebrated in the whole of Brazil, this wonderful party is a time to come and do different, dancing a lot, singing, enjoying, all this using some fantasy.

Masks for carnival

You will need the following materials:

  • Printed forms. You can find a plethora of different templates on the Internet, which various styles, formats and sizes.
  • Glitter,
  • Color wax chalk or colored pen,
  • Glitter, to cut the printed form and other elements that will increase its mask,
  • Pencil or pen;
  • Sequins,
  • Glue, preferably liquid glue. The stick glue is useful, in this case, only when it comes to gluing other types of papers and the like in the mask. Glitter glue and sequins, for example, becomes unfeasible with the glue stick, so the most suitable is liquid glue.

Examples of masks molds For Carnival

An important tip is that you open the image of your chosen template using some kind of computer program that will edit images and

This is because it will be necessary for you to make some adjustments in the dimensions of the mold so that it fits in the proportions and shape of your face.

It may be necessary for you to print more than once the molds in any paper until he is able to find a result that is more satisfactory.

Step by step how to make the mask for Carnival

To enjoy the Carnival in an exciting and joyful way, in the better than wearing an incredible mask for Carnival, serving as either a component of a fantasy that you are using or to use alone.

Thinking about making your Carnival something more interesting and happy, let’s provide a step to

Let’s go to the step by step to set up your mask for the carnival:

  1. First, you must obviously select the mask model that you like the most and that is suitable for your face

How to Make Carnival Mask Step by Step

  1. Once the mold is selected, print it at the right size for your face
  2. If you want, you can add more details to your mask. You can do this with the help of a pencil or pen. This gives you the opportunity to customize your production.
  3. Once you’ve finalized your customization, you should take a pair of scissors and trim the mask, including the part of the eyes.
  4. How to Make Carnival Mask Step by Step
  5. Before painting, determine the areas for each color.
  6. To paint it, you can use wax chalk, colored markers or even gouache.
  7. Add the last details, such as glitter, sequins, and others, using the glue.How to Make Carnival Mask Step by Step

    Dragging with a mask for Carnival

    Use and abuse your creativity. Decorate your mask with whatever elements you want, leaving it in the way you like it and the most beautiful possible, always taking care not to ruin the mask after finishing it.


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