How to make Candles without a Wick

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How to make Candles without a Wick – Candles without a wick are a popular alternative to aromatic candles because, unlike traditional candles, their wax is melted at once. This results in a powerful and long-lasting aroma that is excellent for perfuming large rooms and for disguising bad odors. Learn how to make your own candles without fuse to save money by making or combining unique scents of your own creation and have fun with this simple craft project with family or friends.

How to make Candles without a Wick

The candle is a symbol of light resulting from a sympathetic attitude. It represents the clarity of the mind that opens to penetrate the unconscious and fertilize it. The same symbolism is shared by the flame.

On anniversaries, candles coupled with the number of years of one’s life represent steps in the path of perfection and happiness.

Erasing the birthday candles in a single breath symbolizes the manifestation of the persistence of a breath of life superior to everything that has already been lived.

The burning candle near the dead symbolizes the purity of the spirit that rises to the heavens.

Lighting a candle is a ritual act of raising your request and your desire to an ethereal plan. When lighting a candle to make an order, one must be physically clean and also psychically, removing all negative thoughts.

The candle should be anointed with oil with the right hand, while the left hand holds the candle, tilting it toward the heart. The candle should be lit with phosphorus. What remains of the melted candle should be placed at the foot of a tree or garden.



How to make Candles without a Wick


  1. Fill the bottom of the water pan to almost half with water and place in a stove burner.
  2. Place particles or pieces of wax in the top portion of the water bath pan.
  3. Turn on medium heat and let the water boil. The wax should start to melt.
  4. Put the thermometer in the wax.
  5. Stir the wax continuously until it has completely melted, which can take 15 to 20 minutes. Do not let the temperature of the wax pass through 80 ° C.
  6. Turn off the heat and remove the pots from the stove.
  7. Use oven mitts or pan holders to carefully remove the top of the pan of the water bath.
  8. Afterwards, pour the hot wax into a tray of dry, clean ice cubes using oven mitts if the pan loops are still hot.
  9. Leave the tray full on a table or counter for 30 minutes or until the wax begins to harden.
  10. Place the ice cube tray in the freezer for another 30 minutes or until the wax has completely set.
  11. Remove the hard wax cubes from the tray and place pieces of candle in a potpourri burner or an electric burner to lightly perfume a room.

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