How to make Burlap Flowers

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How to make Burlap Flowers – Burlap flower is different but very beautiful. And when placed in an arrangement, inside a vase, leaves any space much more beautiful.

How to make Burlap Flowers


Tips for Making a Burlap Flower

To make this part you will need:

  • Burlap (rustic fabric);
  • Wooden stick for barbecue;
  • Green floral ribbon;
  • Scissors;
  • Iron to iron clothes;
  • Hot glue pistol;
  • Paper flowers with the model, style, and color of your choice.


Step by Step

Begin positioning the stem of the flower base on the toothpick. Glue with the aid of the hot glue gun. Then wrap green floral tape all over the base of the flower and across the wooden toothpick for barbecue. And glue the ends of the tape with the aid of the hot glue gun.

Then cut a square of burlap, fold diagonally, but leaving a leftover on the bottom, and iron to crease the fold.

Then fold the sides out and cut the excess fabric from the bottom.

Now, pull the whole bottom up, fingertips the top, glue the base with the aid of the hot glue gun and then wrap green floral tape at the base of the part, forming a petal.

Then, to finish your piece, you only have to make two more petals of litter, in the same way, that you did the first one. Then attach these three burlap petals around the flower with the toothpick, glue all parts together with the aid of the hot glue gun, and wrap the green floral ribbon around the base of the petals. And it’s ready!

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