How to Make an Ouija Board

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How to Make an Ouija Board – Using an Ouija board is an extremely personal and loaded experience. With that in mind, it is a good idea to make an Ouija board that has its own style and style. Keep reading to learn how to make your own board.

How to Make an Ouija Board


How to Make an Ouija Board


  1. Draw your board. You will need to include numbers, alphabet letters and relevant words like “yes” and “no”. Include other elements that you think are important. And choose a template that is meaningful to you.
  2. Put your design on paper or directly on a piece of wood, cardboard or card stock. Draw or paint your board making it easier to read and more beautiful. If your project is on paper, stick it on a board.
  3. Revise the Ouija board with acrylic or glass if it does not have a smooth surface. Your board needs a slippery surface for the clipboard to move easily. It is not necessary to permanently attach the acrylic or glass to the tray. You can simply cover it whenever you use it. If the slippery surface is not heavy, stick it to your board or surface that you will be using.
  4. Get or improvise a clipboard. This is the tool that moves around the board and communicates the words of the spirit. You can order one from Hasbro, which made a version of the commercially available Ouija board, or you can use a clear glass to read the contents surrounding the glass.


Tips & Warnings

Define your drawing so that each element is well spaced. This will avoid confusion about the movements of the board through the board. You may want to varnish your board to preserve it. A good veneer layer will also create a smooth surface.

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