How to Make an American Set of Fabric

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When planning a special meal in our home, whether it is for dinner with friends or for a romantic dinner, we should have other aspects in mind that not the menu. It is equally important to have the house tidy and clean and pay attention to the table where the meal will be served, which can be decorated in various ways: with flower arrangements, candlesticks, a special dinnerware, patterned napkins and choosing to serve the food on an American game. In addition to being a decorative element, it helps to compose the table and protects the towel from the stains.

How to Make an American Set of Fabric


How to Make an American Set of Fabric

You will need:

  • Fabrics to taste
  • Filling felt
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine or thread and needle

Steps to follow:

  1. Define how you want your American game. There are several options: simple one-piece, in patchwork, with the frame, with embroidery, of circular format, etc. Which do you prefer? Idealize and follow the next steps.
  2. Then choose the fabrics you want to incorporate into your American game. Remember an important aspect: it will be more complete if you use one fabric for the top and one for the bottom.
  3. Measure both fabrics and cut them to the size you want. Generally, American games have a dimension of 46 cm x 37 cm, but this depends on the format and if you want to add a frame or embroidery in the American game.
  4. To sew the two fabrics, the top and bottom fabrics, attach them with the faces of the pattern or the most vivid color facing each other and with a piece of feeling for filling, of the same size, on one of the tissues. Then sew in the sewing machine leaving a space of about 5 cm between the line and the edge of the fabric, and a 15 cm gap without a line at one of the edges (note the diagram at the side where the dash represents what must be sewn).
  5. Now turn the fabrics, which will already be sewn into one another, through the 15 cm space left open. Choose a line that is discreet in the fabric and sew a new edge, now untwisted, now leaving about 2 cm wide from the edge. On the other hand, you may prefer the line to be very visible and in this case, choose a contrasting color and sew it away from the edge.
  6. Your American game is ready! However, if you find that it is too simple, you can sew other fabrics in the center or around it, in order to achieve a patchwork effect, embroidering lace or crochet, using embossed fabrics, etc.

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