How to Make a Scrapbook

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Technology evolves to help us schedule our daily lives. Nowadays we can put reminders, notifications and messages on the cell phone, but even then there are flaws in our routine. Who has never forgotten to pay an account? Lost a phone number that does not know where it pointed? A scrapbook can be a good solution to these problems. Plus it’s great for family homes. Despite the ease of connecting with each other, there are always failures in communication. With a message board you will find it easier to organize daily tasks, remember important events and still leave messages for your family. Putting all these advantages to the fact that it is super fun to make one, you will have to try it. In a How do we give you some tips on how to make a scrapbook.

How to Make a Scrapbook
How to Make a Scrapbook

With frame


  • Wall portrait
  • Eva
  • Pins
  • Scissors

Make a message boardit is very simple and you will not need to use many materials. Choose a picture frame as you wish. You can buy or even look for one that you no longer use. Start by cutting out the Eva paper the same size as the area where you would place the photo in the frame. If it is cut to the exact extent it is likely that it just needs to be docked, but you will not miss a bit of adhesive spray or even double-tape, so you can handle it better. Decorate your mural as you like, choose colored Eva, apply small props, add cutouts, among other things. When the mural is ready and with the air you want you just need to apply the messages using pins. They will easily stomp on Eva. A scrapbook as well as being a useful element to organize is a good decorative prop.

With styrofoam


  • Two Styrofoam boards 40×40 cm
  • Present paper
  • Adhesive spray
  • Two strips of paper paraná of 40×10 cm
  • Contact branco
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape

To start making this scrapbook with styrofoamglue the two styrofoam boards with the help of the adhesive spray. Then glue the present paper to one side of the Styrofoam, leaving room to spare on all sides. Choose a present paper with the color and pattern you like best, it will be the base of your mural. With the remaining folds, wrap the styrofoam. Now that you have the base of your mural you need to make the banners where you will leave the messages. Take the strips of paraná paper and put double tape on three of the sides, leaving one of the largest without glue. At this point, you can secure the tracks on the styrofoam. Do not forget to leave the part that has no tape up. These tracks will work as a kind of pocket for your errands. And your wall of messages is ready. It is not too heavy, so just use double-tape at the ends and stick to the wall. If you wish you can add any type of decoration to your scrapbook. It is practical to do and you just have to use your imagination!

With stoppers


  • Cork stoppers
  • hot glue
  • Picture Frame

In manual work, your creativity counts a lot. Use the materials you want and build a truly unique scrapbook. The first step in making this corkscrew mural is to fit all of the cork stoppers into the frame. They should be very tight. Use hot glue to glue the covers to the base of the frame, applying glue on both sides. Take care that the glue does not appear, this can detract from the appearance of your mural. When you have all the corks attached, your mural will be ready. Let it dry for at least two days and then you can put your messages with pins. See how simple it is?

Create your message board with different materials. Use styrofoam, EVA, MDF, cardboard or fabric, everything can be combined to form a creative manual work. Now there are no excuses not to leave scraps.

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