How to Make a Ribbon Bow Easy

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Would you like to learn how to make original ribbon bows? The guidecraftblog suggests three different tutorials so you can find exactly the bow you are looking for: ribbon bow for gift, ribbon bow for Christmas ribbon and thin ribbon bow. Do not go back to buying groceries at the supermarket, because even those who do not have the skill or experience of handwork will be able to use these super simple techniques. Keep reading and find out how to make a no-frills ribbon bow!

How to Make a Ribbon Bow
How to Make a Ribbon Bow


Ribbon Bow for Gift

To make a ribbon bow for gift, you will need an entire ribbon roll. Check out the step by step to make wonderful and original gifts:

  • Begin by wrapping the entire tape around your hand or around a frame like a rim just like the photo to set the width of the loop. Reserve a piece of tape to tie the center.
  • Then remove the tape from the hand or the cradle, without unwinding (you can use two fingers to attach it). Cut the ribbon in the center portion as the white lines of the image.
  • Then pass the piece of tape in the center (where you finished making the cuts) and tie the ribbon loop tightly.
  • Then pull the pieces of tape separately to the sides, twisting to volume and modeling the gift loop.


Christmas Ribbon Bow

Looking for a Christmas ribbon bow? The guidecraftblog suggests an option that can be used to decorate trees, wreaths or presents. Check out how simple and fast it is with the next step by step:

  • Start by cutting two pieces of tape, one 25 cm long and one 3 meter long. Fold the 3-meter piece in zigzag.
  • After doing the zigzagging, gather all the folded parts of the tape by squeezing the middle and hold with one hand. Do not overtighten or the tape may become dented. Do not fold the entire tape, ideally leave two loose ends to finish the loop.
  • With the 25 cm piece, tie the center of the loop, tying the knot on the back so that it is not visible. Trim the leftovers from the ribbon used to make the knot.
  • Open the rings that have left on the loop until they are rounded and shaped like the Christmas ribbon bow as you prefer.
  • Cut the two ends that are left diagonally and the Christmas tie is ready!


Thin ribbon bow

For a delicate and loving thin ribbon bow for small gifts or envelopes, I recommend this step by step that teaches you how to make thin ribbon bow with fork:

  • To make this bow, you will need a fork, satin ribbons and a pair of scissors. Begin by passing the satin ribbons through the teeth of the fork in this order: under the first tooth, over the second, over the third and over the fourth.
  • Then continue passing the same tape to the opposite side, interlacing in reverse: under the fourth tooth, over the third, under the second and over the room.
  • Re-entangle again just as it began. Thread the ribbons alternately until you have given 5 turns to the fork.
  • With another piece of tape, tie a knot in the middle of the fork, wrapping the middle of the ribbon braid you just made.
  • With the scissors, cut the excess length of the tapes and, if desired, lightly wipe the ends over a candle so the tape does not break.
  • Remove the bow from the fork by pushing it from the bottom up until it comes out of the teeth and the bow is ready!

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