How to Make a Mobile Photo

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How to Make a Mobile Photo – The mobile phone is a great accessory both for the visual at the time of decorating, and for the value, it acquires by arranging the photos in a different and harmonious way. The making of your own photo mobile is ideal because it allows you to decorate it according to the decor of the environment or, if it is a gift, you can leave it well personalized in the way that you know that person likes. Choosing the right photos also makes all the difference. To help you with this activity, We have gathered information on how to make a mobile photo.

How to Make a Mobile Photo


You will need:

  • At least 12 photos
  • Cardboard or paperboard
  • Large wooden rods or sticks
  • Barbante, nylon cord or any line of your choice
  • Acrylic paint or craft ink
  • Scissors
  • Durex

Steps to follow:

  1. The photo mobile is the type of craft that can have a thousand and one different versions of how to do it. Creativity is what dictates the style and all materials to be used. So before you start making photo mobile phones, set a style and color palette for your craftsmanship. Think of the ideal colors and then reflect on the photos you want to put, they can be colored or black and white, Polaroid or printed ( how to print photos from the iPhone ) in smaller sizes.
  2. With the photos selected, you should start making photos by the stick. It is this structure that will be responsible for leaving the photos suspended and with mobile effect. If you have opted for a colorful mobile, you have the option of painting the rod, layering it with tape or leaving it in the natural color.How to Make a Mobile Photo
  3. Now that the stick has the look you’ve chosen, find and mark three dots between them that are about the same distance apart. It will be at these points that you will tie the lines that hold the photos.
  4. To make a mobile that does not have photos arranged in long rows, but with other dimensions, you can cross two rods (as shown in the picture) and attach them with tape or a lashing of the own wires that you will use.
  5. Cut the yarn you have chosen in enough size and size to fit at least three photos vertically arranged and with a leftover tether. If you want to make a colorful mobile and your yarns are not colored, you can use paint for fabric to paint the raw string. For a discreet effect, opt for the nylon thread.
  6. Use tape to stick the photos on the wire of the photo mobile. Paste another photo on the back of each. So when the wind hits the photos spin and gives a special effect. If you want to fit beads into the strings, you should do this at this step.
  7. The cardboard or cardboard will serve to decorate and finish the tip of the mobile. Cut out shapes that you think to combine and paint and decorate them according to the look you’ve chosen for your photo mobile. Stick them on both sides at the end of each wire.
  8. Tie the end of each yarn without the cardboard to the points where you marked on the small pole. To finish, measure a piece of yarn that is enough to hang on some sugar and tie one side on each end of the mobile. Now, just hang it or give the lucky one that will receive this gift done with such care!How to Make a Mobile Photo



Almost all the materials listed in this step-by-step are variable. Abuse creativity and do not hesitate to decorate in the way you think is most beautiful!

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