How to Make a Knife Sheath

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Do you know what a sheath is?
It is an object where you keep knives, to protect the wire and to protect your hands against accidents.
After I learned to sharpen my knives and after having cut off my finger with one of them, I was careful.
I made a hem to keep them in the drawer, so no one is going to risk cutting your hand when picking up some utensils in the knife drawers.
There are many types of sheaths: leather, wood, countless materials.

How to Make a Knife Sheath

But, I decided to be eco-friendly and made a recyclable cardboard sheath. Then I lined it with white self-adhesive paper, which gave it a very nice and clean look.
Now, my cutting knives are protected inside the drawer and I do not run the risk of bumping into one of them and cutting off my hand. In addition, the knife drawer was even more organized.
Want to see how I did it? Maybe you do one too?



  • cardboard
  • the contact type self-adhesive coating
  • White glue
  • scissors
  • ruler



  • Cut one a rectangle of cardboard that is of the length of the blade of the knife that you want to protect and approximately three times its (knife) width.
  • Make creases (folds) in the cardboard to wrap the knife blade.
  • Glue two of the faces of the cardboard, closing like a small box.
  • It may take a few hours to dry the glue, leaving a heavy object on the cardboard to help.
  • Cut the self-adhesive coating to the required size and wrap the carton.
  • Keep the knife in the scabbard and put it in the drawer.

You will realize that your security has increased.

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