How to Make a Custom CD Cover

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How to Make a Custom CD Cover – When giving a CD or CD-ROM as a gift, a custom look can be created through a CD holder and paper scrap to replace the plastic box. Whether you want to protect the CD or show off your craft skills, making a cover or card can be cost-effective. All it takes is some supplies and a design theme. – Costumes

How to Make a Custom CD Cover
How to Make a Custom CD Cover – customes


What do you need?

  • CD
  • CD cover of paper or envelope, or paperboard
  • Paper for scrapbooking Pencil


How to Make a Custom CD Cover

  1. Gather the desired material to create the cover. Start by purchasing a simple envelope or paper CD packaging to be used as the basis for the project. Take all the necessary embellishments, such as ribbons, tacks, and stickers on top of the scrapbook paper itself.
  2. Use the ruler to measure the CD envelope and cut the scrapbook paper according to the specific shape of the cover. It is helpful to attach a square piece of scrapbook paper to the front of the envelope to cover the rectangular side and attach an uneven shape to the back if the envelope has a traditionally shaped flap. Put layers of additional scrapbook paper if you want to decorate.
  3. Beautify the cover with the desired accessories. In addition to incorporating tapes and stickers on the front, consider printing a brief explanatory note on plain paper to identify the contents of the CD. Attach the note during the decorating process with double-sided tape or another scrapbook sticker.
  4. Enter additional information, if any, on a card that can be placed inside the envelope with the CD or CD-ROM.


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