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Crafting may be amusing for pretty much anybody, but allow’s be honest, it is able to also get pricey. Especially while every mission calls for all different substances. With masses of alternatives in the enterprise, we located a product which could help fight that overwhelming feeling you get when you head in the direction of the craft keep checkout line!

How to Make a Beautiful Unicorn Spit

Unicorn SPiT is a multi-use paint that became created with the aid of Michelle Gordon, an Art Director for her circle of the relatives-owned commercial enterprise while she found out there has been an opening within the market for exceptional craft paint. After experimenting in her kitchen, she got here up with a component that changed into usable on an expansion of surfaces such as timber, glass, steel, material, concrete, and extra. It’s additionally jasmine scented (consider us, we examined!) and non-poisonous so you can paint interior without having to wear a mask. It’s now dispensed by Eclectic Products, the equal organization that does E6000 glue.

We painted this wooden letter L with the colors Purple Hill Majesty and Zia Teal. The easy-to-use product mixed perfectly together for a washed look. We brought a bit water to dilute the mixture and get the various shades of colors. (Fun fact: If you squeeze unicorn paint onto a paper plate and permit it dry, you may use it as a watercolor.) Attach the letter to a gallery wall or prop it on a bookshelf and you’ve got the right DIY to personalize your space!

The line is available in 10 colorful colors and can be diluted with a dash of water down to a gel, stain, glaze, or tint- making it perfect for simple portray projects or something more complex like refurbishing antique furnishings. For the letter E, we painted on Thunder Blue and used a paper towel to wipe off any excess for a washed look. We bought white paint on pinnacle for a whitewash, then introduced white polka dots.

The possibilities are countless! You can blend glitter into the colors for a metallic look, add white liquid glue to it for a pant paint look, or stain any floor and add a glaze for an expert finished look.

UNICORN SPiT is not entirely on the market yet, but search for it in places like JoAnn’s, Home Depot, and other crafting and domestic development places soon!

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