How to Make 3D Letters Step by Step

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How to Make 3D Letters Step by Step – 3D letters are on the rise in party decoration! With them, it’s possible to embellish just about everything: the hall, the walls, the cake and even the invitations!

Contrary to popular belief, making 3D letters is nothing complicated. With a lot of dedication and using the correct technique, you can produce beautiful lyrics in this style and simply raze the decor.

Today we will share a cool and easy SUPER step by step How to Make 3D Letters, and stay within this trend!

How to Make 3D Letters Step by Step

In this step by step of How to Make 3D Letters, we will need:
  1. Cardboard paper, (19659002] – Hot glue and plain glue
  2. Letter printed on plain paper
  3. Letterhead or scissors

How to Make 3D Letters Step by Step

  1. The first step is to write the word that you want to do in 3D and print the letters. To do this, use square fonts, which are easy to cut and handle.
  2. A good tip is to use the Arial font, size 700 (for large letter words). Write in word and print on regular a4 paper.
  3. With the letters already printed, it’s time to make the molds for the letters. With the stylus or the scissors, we cut the excesses of the leaves, leaving only the letters.
  4. It is important to cut very well since this will be the basis of our step by step of How to Make 3D Letters.
  5. We glued the letters printed on the hard paper (cardboard, cardboard or cardboard) and, once again, we cut the excesses, leaving only the letter design.
  6. With this same mold, we will make another letter.
  7. We use the two letters already on hard paper to make ONE letter in 3D. For this, we put one in front of the other, leaving a space of about 3 cm. Now, we have to join these two letters, making the “body” and giving the 3D shape.
  8. Using the ruler, measure the spaces of each part of the letter and cut out on hard paper. With the papers already cut, we paste the body of the letter, uniting the two that we did initially. Use hot glue for this step, Light?
  9. With the letters already made and in 3D, we use the contact paper or the EVA to cover, ensuring that the letter is firmly in place.

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