How to Fold a Dollar Bill into a Flower

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How to Fold a Dollar Bill into a Flower – Origami roses make an impressive show. but make a pink money origami and you add even more interest. With their complex design, it looks like they would never do it. Not at all. It just takes a few short steps to complete the pink origami shape. With each flower containing five single bills in dollars, a pink origami paper currency is a twist to the normal monetary gift for a birthday, graduation or special occasion.

How to Fold a Dollar Bill into a Flower


How to Fold a Dollar Bill into a Flower


  1. Fold a dollar bill in half the width. Repeat with the other four dollar bills.
  2. Unfold the invoices. Using a toothpick, roll the corners of the dollar bills to create a loop effect for the petals. Rolling the toothpick about three times will make a proper loop. When folded the dollar should make a “V” shape with curling loops under. Tightening yourself roll a dollar bill, plus the buckle will hold.
  3. Cut five pieces of wire for the petal stems. The wire will be folded in half to measure twice the distance of your desired rod length.
  4. Place a wire in the middle of one of your petals of dollars along the fold line, with loops facing outward. Crumple the paper around the wire, forming a base for the petal. Fold the thread down and twist to create a stem for a petal. Repeat for all dollar bills.
  5. Place one of the twisted petals of dollar bills in the middle horizontally. Looking down at her, the dollar bill will look like a smile, with the curls up. Surround the center of the petals with two petals of dollars on the right and left edges. The top view should look like this: ((=)). Twist all the threads together to hold the flower.
  6. Place a dollar bill petal on the top and bottom edges of the petal dollar bill center. Twist the wires together with the other three-petal pet law wires. The petal center will be surrounded on all sides by four petals, completing the shape of a rose.


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