How to Fix Backpack Zipper

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How to Fix Backpack Zipper – A too dry gesture or bag too full … and the zipper is broken! Very practical, but when it breaks, wears or hangs, the zipper becomes a real headache, especially that it always happens at the wrong time. Wear and tear objects are normal, but getting rid of them should not be! Why not try to repair a broken zipper yourself?

Before you part with the clothing, bag or shoes whose zipper would be damaged, have you considered trying to repair it? Here are some quick and easy tips for fixing a broken zipper.

How to Fix Backpack Zipper
Backpack Zipper


How to Fix Backpack Zipper

Broken zipper? Evaluate the extent of the damage

When the zipper of your favorite skirt breaks, no need to panic before you try something! To begin, assess the extent of the damage: Did the bumper down? Did the cursor disengage at the top of the closure? Is he crooked? Is there a lack of teeth at the top, bottom or middle of the closure?
If the bumper is dropped or there are missing teeth in the middle or bottom of the zipper, there will be no alternative to replacing it.

How to repair a zipper whose cursor is damaged?

Cursor damaged? Repair or replace it!

  • Observe the side of the cursor. If you notice that the teeth do not close properly and uneven space between the bottom and top of the closure has formed, gently bend the slider with a pair of pliers then, try to put back closing on.
  • Repeat the operation if necessary, until it closes as usual.

In case it is imperative to replace it, measure or check its size (indicated on the back) before installing a new one. There is often no need to buy one: think about getting a used garment.

To replace a defective cursor, carefully remove a new slider with a flathead screwdriver for example. Bring in and slide the teeth from the top of the closure into the slider. Finally, pull the slider all the way down, then pull up the zipper, trying to close the garment.

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