How to Fix a Zipper Easily

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How to Fix a Zipper – Breaking or breaking a zipper is always an unpleasant moment and seems to always happen at the worst heights. Your zipper may have broken for different reasons and the first thing to do is try to figure out what happened. Nowadays, replacing a zipper is quite easy, but sometimes you do not have the time or even want to keep the original clasp. Before replacing a broken, separate or jammed zipper try to fix it. In some situations, it can be quite easy and you do not need to throw the zipper off. In a How we give you some tips on how to fix a Zipper.

How to Fix a Zipper Easily


Zipper trapped

Sometimes the zipper can simply get stuck, not be sagging, neither up nor down. Notice if the inner fabric is holding it and if so try to remove it carefully. If the zipper is only attached, with no apparent explanation, try lubricating it.

  1. Start by experimenting with a natural lubricant, graphite. Use a No. 2 pencil and rub on the zipper teeth of the area where it is attached. The natural pencil grease may be enough to lubricate the rails and reset the zipper.
  2. While applying the lubricant to the area of the slider, try moving it by making up and down movements.
  3. If even then the zipper remains stuck, you’ll have to try another method. Use a little cotton or even a cotton swab. Begin by dipping the swab in a dishwasher and then in water to help thin the product.
  4. Then apply the solution to the teeth next to the area where the zipper is attached. The washer and water should make the zipper slip on the teeth. Carefully continue to try to open the zipper.
  5. At this point, the zipper should already be giving way. If it still does not slip completely, wash your teeth thoroughly with water and re-apply the improvised lubricant until the zipper works flawlessly.


Separate zipper

The zipper teeth can separate, especially when there is additional pressure on it. When your backpack, purse or briefcase is full of so much that has inside it can happen the zipper stays separate. Here’s what you can do to try to repair the zipper.

  1. Start by trying to release the accessory slightly so that the zipper has space and conditions to close. Once space is reduced, the zipper should be able to work again.
  2. If this happens by zippering garments it may mean that this is not the right size for you. Try the top size or try changing the article to make it bigger.
  3. Confirm that the zipper is already working. If not, check that the teeth are crooked. If they really are, they may be causing the zipper to open.
  4. To repair crooked teeth and repair a Zipper, use a thin nose plier or tweezers and set the crooked teeth. Make sure the teeth are aligned with the rail and retest the zipper. By now he should be closing normally.


Broken zipper

There is not always a solution for broken zippers. Many do not have repair and simply need to be replaced. If teeth are missing from the top of the rail, if the slider has folded or if it is coming out from the top, there may still be a solution to repair the zipper. But not all the zippers give to fix. In these cases, they have to be thick, the same as those that are usually worn on coats.

  1. To fix the slider start by analyzing whether it needs to be replaced or just needs to be adjusted. Remove the zipper from the top and examine it.
  2. If the space between the bottom and top is uneven, tighten the slider with a pair of pliers, adjusting the gap.
  3. Then re-attach the zipper and test if it is working. You should always place the zipper on the side that has a square at the end of the rail.
  4. If the slider really needs to be replaced, confirm the measurements well and buy one of the same sizes. If necessary, when putting the zipper back on, use a screwdriver to help insert your teeth into the gap. You can then learn how to replace a zipper.


Replace a zipper

When there is no solution to repair a zipper, it needs to be replaced. The replacement process is quite simple and you just need to take a few steps.

  1. Begin by removing the zipper. With the help of a home opener, undo the stitches that hold the zipper and then cut the fabric to release it. Be careful when removing stitches to avoid damaging other seams.
  2. Prepare the new zipper and fasten it to one side with pins. After this, you have to close the zipper and do the same on the other side. Make sure that the latch is properly seated and that it opens and closes properly.
  3. Now you just have to sew the new zipper. With the help of a machine, sew the two sides where the zipper is fastened. If necessary, make a double seam to ensure that it is well sewn. When finished, test again if the zipper is working.

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