How to Draw an Adorable Dog

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How to Draw an Adorable Dog – When you need to clean your mind of all activities, why not try to draw? One of the simplest pleasures. This drawing is elementary, a lovely dog. It looks incredible, but with 6 simple steps, you’ll get the most adorable puppy face in the world. View the pictures and follow the steps.

How to Draw an Adorable Dog


Steps to follow:

  1. Draw a heart. Have faith, it seems incredible that a dog leaves a heart, but will see that it is possible.
  2. Rotate the paper so the heart is upside down.How to Draw an Adorable Dog
  3. Draw the tongue at the bottom. It will be the language of our adorable little dog.How to Draw an Adorable Dog
  4. Draw the two ears. You do not need to do them the same as in this drawing, try different shapes until you find one you like.How to Draw an Adorable Dog
  5. Add two eyes, and a triangle upside down to the nose.How to Draw an Adorable Dog
  6. Combine shadows and paint your drawing. Like the drawing you saw when you started the article, you now have what you wanted, an adorable dog face for your child to play with, to make a mask or just to have a good time with him or her.

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