How to Decorate Glass Bottles

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How to Decorate Glass Bottles – The reuse of objects is becoming more and more fashionable in the context of decoration. There is a multitude of objects that we have at home and that we can reuse to decorate our house, such as boxes of shoes, fruit and milk, tires and also glass bottles. With glass bottles, you can add a special touch to your home with creative embellishments! Were you curious? So keep reading this one-to-one article and learn how to decorate glass bottles.

Steps to follow:

  1. Before using the glass bottles, you must remove the labels and clean them well. One of the ways you decorate your glass bottles is with string. All you need is a colored string and hot glue. Put some glue in one part of the bottle and go rolling the string around. You should pass glue slowly as you cover the bottle with the string. At the end, with buttons, line or other accessories, you can decorate the bottle by writing a word using more than one bottle, as in the example of the photo “love”.How to Decorate Glass Bottles
  2. Another way for you to decorate your glass bottles is by painting. For this, you will need enamel paint, crepe tape, and brush. First, pass the crepe tape across the bottle creating designs, with lines of different sizes. Secure the tape tightly, running your fingers over it. Now with a brush, pass three layers of paint through the bottle. Carefully remove the crepe tape, even with the damp ink, because if you take it out with the dry paint, you risk the paint getting off as well. When the paint dries, you can correct minor imperfections with a stylus.How to Decorate Glass Bottles
  3. If you want to paint your one-color glass bottles, there is a very easy method to do this. You will need glass inks, a large syringe, and a pot to mix the paint. Start by putting the desired ink color in the pot, if you want you can also mix colors and create a different color. Now with the syringe pull the ink and pour into the glass bottle. When you see that enough ink is already inside the bottle to cover it, turn the bottle so that the ink covers the entire bottle. At the end, place the bottle upside down in a container that can be soiled with paint and let it dry.How to Decorate Glass Bottles
  4. A very original idea is to use your glass bottles to make super original lampshades. For this, you will need a nozzle the size of the bottleneck of the bottle, which already has a wire with a plug. Choose a dome to your liking and cut the bottom of the bottle for the wire to pass. If you wish, you can also paint or decorate your bottle with any of the methods explained above.How to Decorate Glass Bottles
  5. You can also decorate your glass bottles using the decoupage technique. This technique consists of coating objects with some design or photo of your choice.How to Decorate Glass Bottles
  6. Use your imagination and decorate your glass bottles with various materials. You can even take sticky paper and paste it into the bottle, which will have a nice decoration.

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