How to Cut Glass at Home – Easily

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How to Cut Glass at Home – The glass is a solid metal oxide, which is patterned to form still hot various craft items such as bottles and cups, and thus becomes a transparent surface. This glass is transformed into the industries to cover our windows, models bottles that store drinks, make glasses, among other utilities.

And inside the craft glass can also be reused to produce several very elegant pieces, which help in the creative reuse of this material.

How to Cut Glass at Home
How to Cut Glass at Home

But for this, it is necessary that we know the correct way to cut the glass in a format suitable for our use, so we separate below some tips to help you cut glass there in your home.


Pliers for cutting glass at home

One of the tips for you that works with crafts, and that needs to cut glass with ease is the use of the easy cutters, which besides cutting glass of various sizes, still serves to cut ceramic pieces with ease and precision.

Check out this video how you can use the easy-cut cutters to cut glass in your home, simply and easily:


Cut glass with string

And in this other video you will learn how to cut glass bottles easily there in your home, with the use of string, alcohol and a little water:


Protection Tips for Cutting Glass

Before cutting any piece of glass in your home, be sure to wear safety goggles and gloves to prevent accidents.

And after cutting your pieces of glass, it is recommended to sanding the edges of the piece to remove the burr from the cut glass, and with this, there is no risk of someone accidentally cutting with the sharp glass

How to Cut Glass at Home
Pliers for glass cutting at home is one of the options

Many people have sliced glass by heating it with a candle and after that putting a string around it forcing it a bit, as in the following image:

How to Cut Glass at Home
Warming the bottle can help in cutting with a barbate

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