How to Craft or Make a Fishing Rod for Children

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How to Craft or Make a Fishing Rod – Build with your child a real little fishing rod! The nature lover, who sleeps in every little fisherman, will be delighted with this 100% Robinson fishing rod!

how to craft a fishing rod



  • long bamboo stalk (1m20 minimum)
  • 3 to 5 meters of nylon thread (or fishing line)
  • a trombone
  • big pearl in wood and color
  • 4 to 5 hooks to screw
  1. Screw the hooks all along the bamboo rod at equal distance (about 15-20 cm between each hook)
  2. Tie the nylon thread to the end of the bamboo stalk: make the first knot, then roll about twenty times, tightening well and knot again. Then pass the thread through the different hooks.
  3. Pass a colored wooden bead and tie it about 60cm before the end of the nylon thread. It will be the float.
  4. Then hang a trombone at the end of the line, it will be the hook. For bait we can use a small piece of firm cheese, it works very well to bring fish!


Here are our tips for fishing!

  • Find the right place: all fishermen communicate a lot between them! So the easiest way is to ask the local fishermen what are the good places!
  • Be patient: and yes! it sometimes takes time for the fish to notice the bait!
  • Be careful: do you swim? If not, ask to be accompanied by an adult! It is important.
  • And then do not forget the bucket! Put some water in it, put it in the shade so that the water stays cool and drop the fish you’ve caught! But we release them after?

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