How to Clean White Leather Upholstery

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How to Clean White Leather – Some time ago I bought a new chair for my “office” – in quotation marks because I do not know if a table and chair are an office. The chair is modern, beautiful, leather, but it’s … white.

I do not have the habit of having white furniture, and all of a sudden I had not only a chair but also two stools, of white cork, for which I did not care much. I got used to cleaning the chair once a week, with a damp cloth and a little neutral detergent, but I had no idea whether it was doing it right or not. The sidewalks, unfortunately, had been neglected for a while, so they were no longer necessarily white. Off-white, maybe.

So I decided to research the best way to clean this furniture. I found a great tip on the site of the very good Lucy Mizael and I decided to test. And would you believe it, it worked!? White leather clean and fragrant!

The basic recipe is as follows:

How to Clean White Leather


  • 700ml of water
  • 1 tablespoon coconut (grated or liquid)



  • Sprinkler
  • Meters
  • Funnel

Since my spray did not fit 700ml of water, I made half the recipe: 350ml of water and 1/2 tablespoon of soap. Just put everything in the spray with the help of a funnel (I bought this spray in Multicoisas, it is great), shake well and start using.

This was the state of the sidewalks that were once white:

I spilled the mixture on the stool and rubbed the beeeeem with a clean cloth – I grabbed a normal floor cloth because I was afraid a colored cloth of microfiber might stain the fabric. The dirt started to come out, but I was not very pleased. Then I took a soft brush that I used to clean upholstery (that of cleaning shoes), and rubbed some more.

I repeated the process – I sprinkled more mixture, rubbed more, and then removed the excess with a damp cloth. Funny that at the time I did not notice the difference, but when I put the photos side by side, you can see that they have been cleaner! Look that:

How to Clean White Leather
Clean White Leather | Before – After

I did not take a picture of the chair because it is still new and clean, but from now on, I’m just going to use this mix and make sure it remains clean and well-cared for longer. Who knows, the sidewalks also do not get whiter with this constant cleaning?

One last step I have not yet done (but need to do) is to hydrate the leather periodically with liquid vaseline, which is easily found in pharmacies.

I know this recipe works great for cleaning leather, cork, and white eco-leather. I imagine it works with other colors, but in all cases, I recommend that you test before in a small area to see if it will not stain or fade the original color of your stew.

Tested, approved and shared tip to take better care of the leather furniture of your home!

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