How to Build a Stone Fire Pit

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How to Build a Stone Fire Pit – Whether you want a backyard barbecue party, whether the setting on a camping trip or just warming your landscape when people come here, nothing beats a homemade fire pit. Various methods are available for building your own, but keep in mind that the best materials include stones and fire bricks.

How to Build a Stone Fire Pit


How to Build a Stone Fire Pit

Permanent fire pit

This campfire is a permanent element in your backyard, so build it in the best possible way. Choose a location that has good drainage and no hanging obstructions or close within at least 15 feet. Decide on a size and shape for the fire pit — circular or square (that depends on your room, brick fire, and thin size). Tick the measurements. Dig the soil inside your measurements approximately 12 inches, and then spread a uniform layer of gravel along the bottom of the well. Apply a couple of inches of mortar evenly to the top and cover everything with the spatula. Allow drying. Set the first level of firebrick on the outside of this foundation, the holes facing up. Apply a layer of mortar between the firebricks evenly and then, more bricks halfway between these in the first layer level. Continue to build until your fire pit is as high as you want. Apply two more inches of mortar even on top of the last layer of bricks. Plates lay on top of the mortar. After the mortar dries, remove them and scrape off any excess. Fill the fire with firewood. Place a grid grill on top, if desired.


Semi-permanent fire pit

This campfire can be built to last for a long time or you can easily remove it. First a square hole in the ground, on feet 3 by 4 and 2-3 feet deep. Spread the coal about 2 inches deep at the bottom of the well. Line around the edges with stones and fire bricks, creating a wall up to about 2 to 3 feet high. These act as a barrier and can also hold up a grilling grill if desired. Make sure these stones and bricks are sturdy. Coal layer on the chimney pit floor, about 3 inches deep. Light the fire and slowly add the wood before adding wood chips that have dipped in water overnight.

Easy pyre
This type of fire pit is best for just light, heat or for grilling foods on sticks. Choose a fireplace at least 15 feet away from any obstruction that may catch fire. Dig a shallow hole, about 6 inches deep. Cover this stain on the ground with sand, dry earth or gravel, in a thick layer as the base of the fire pit. Build a rock fire pit on the ground as big as you want, although the common size is about 3 by 3 feet. Firestones and bricks can form a fire ring that prevents a fire from spreading. Start a small fire with cardboard, paper or small twigs, and then add the larger pieces of dry wood until you have a large fire.

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