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Build Your Own Quadcopter Kit – The market is ‘flooded’ with drones for all tastes. Better ones, worse ones, cheaper ones and more expensive ones, but anyone can buy their drone. For those who like to build, there are also ‘do it yourself’ kits at your disposal. Just find the best and waste some time.

After writing some important guides in the evolution of a multicopter pilot I think it’s time to teach how to create a quadcopter (4 engines) with the minimum possible money and yet with enough quality and ability to later evolve to something better without changing everything completely.

Build Your Own Quadcopter Kit
Build Your Own Quadcopter Kit

So let’s start with the basics, there are some components that are essential to building a multicopter, they are the frame (the structure that supports everything, deep in the skeleton), motors (they are the ones that exert force to keep the model in the air), handling (control the motors), and the flight controller that makes the connection between the radio receiver and the motors, it is responsible for all the machine’s movements, it is in the background the brain of the multicopter.


Build Your Own Quadcopter Kit


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