3 Ways to Widen Tight Shoes

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When buying a pair of shoes, it is necessary that these serve perfectly in the foot, or it becomes very uncomfortable to use them in the day today. However, we all already had a pair of tighter shoes, which for that reason we no longer use. Whether it is because we do not try both feet, because we wear thinner socks than usual, or because we simply trust the number to be useful, there is no reason for alarms, because it is possible to reverse the situation.

Ways to Widen Tight Shoes

There are several ways to stretch some shoes at home, although some care needs to be taken when doing so. So if this is your case, follow these tips and turn those tidy shoes into a corner in a new pair, a number above.


How to enlarge shoes

There are several methods for extending shoes. Here are three of the simplest and most effective ones so you can do it comfortably at home.


Method 1: Freezer

This method is one of the most widely used and effective when extending shoes.

  1. Start by evaluating how much you need to extend your shoes. Once done, the process can not be reversed so if you need to, repeat the process several times more than risk ruining your shoes.
  2. Put your shoes in plastic bags, preferably one in each bag. Seal them well with a string or spring so that they are well insulated.
  3. Put your shoes in the freezer. This process will contribute not only to the later widening of the shoes but also eliminates fungi and bacteria, eliminating odors. Leave them in the freezer for one night.
  4. While waiting for the previous step, take the opportunity to choose some socks to enlarge your shoes. These should not be too thick or risk of overstretching. Remember that after reaching the end, the process cannot be undone. Choose a pair of socks thick enough so that when you put your shoes on they will feel comfortable.
  5. Remove the shoes from the freezer and fit them. Walk with them until they unfreeze, which process can take up to about 30 minutes. (and that will certainly be fresh!)


Method 2: bags inside the shoes

  1. Arrange two zipper-free plastic bags. Fill them with water.
  2. Put the bags in the shoes. These should fill the entire shape of the shoe and should not be wide. It is necessary that you have to make some effort to put the bags inside the shoe.
  3. Put the shoes with the water bags inside the freezer. The idea of this step is that when placed in the cold the water will expand by widening the shoes. So if the bag is wide, when it expands it will fill the shape of the shoes, without enlarging it.
  4. Leave your shoes in the freezer for one night.
  5. Remove the shoes from the freezer and wait for some time until the ice begins to melt (at least about half an hour). If the ice pack is still frozen, it may damage the shoe.
  6. Try the shoes. If they are good, great! If not, fill the bags with more water and repeat the previous steps.


Method 3: Hairdryer

For this method, you only need a hair dryer, thick socks, and the shoes you want to extend.

  1. Start by wearing thick stockings, or at least 2 pairs of normal socks.
  2. Shoe the shoes with thick stockings.
  3. Turn on the dryer and direct it to your shoes, staying in the tightest areas. Move your feet at the same time and stretch your fingers, as this process helps to extend the shoes, and to withstand the heat of the dryer!
  4. After about 3 to 4 minutes turn off the dryer and walk for another 4 or 5 minutes through the house with shoes on. At the end of this time, remove the socks and test them with normal socks. Repeat the process until you feel comfortable with your shoes.

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