10 Gift Ideas from Minions For You To Inspire

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If you have children, nephews, grandchildren or live with children, you know that the Minions are a fever nowadays, are not they? These little yellow beings are very successful with the boys! If you do not live with children but work with crafts, you should also be aware of this trend, as the chances of some birthday party to choose the Minions as the theme of the party are enormous.

The good news is that decorations with Minions are very simple to do.

We have 10 different gift ideas from Minions to inspire you

Check it out!

1- Cotton candy personalized

10 Gift Ideas from Minions For You To Inspire

Cotton candy is one of the children’s favorite treats, right? Order yellow cotton candy and decorate them with the minions’ theme, using only cardboard paper, crepe paper, and transparent paper. Make the character on the card, use the crepe to make the handle and wrap everything in the plain transparent paper. Elo7

If you think little keys are not little things for children, you’re mistaken. The little ones love this type of accessory, ideal to put in the backpack or in the pencil bag.


3- Personalized Bags

19659002] Traditional sweets with sweets are still much needed as souvenirs. For a Minion-themed party, buy yellow sachets and make the Minions eyes and mouth on card stock.

4- Pencil holder

10 Gift Ideas from Minions For You To Inspire

Make a pencil door using yellow EVA and decorate with the theme Minions, adding eyes and mouth to form faces or pasting characters in small size.

Another idea for the Minions souvenirs is the sweets customized. Buy yellow EVA sheets, cut out small circles and decorate them with minions eyes and mouth. Then put on top of each sweetie.

6- Custom Pens


Make EVA minions characters and apply them on pencils and pens. You can deliver a pen or pencil to each guest or, if you prefer, put together a case with some school supplies.


7- Cone with treats

10 Gift Ideas from Minions For You To Inspire

Make cones with the paper yellow card and decorate with the theme Minions. These accessories serve both to serve popcorn during the party and to Minion’s party favors. For the second option, wrap the cones in transparent paper. If you have mastered this technique and have enough time, making small minions in biscuit can be a good idea.

8- Characters in biscuit

10 Gift Ideas from Minions For You To Inspire

the idea of a souvenir.

9- Masks

10 Gift Ideas from Minions For You To Inspire

We know that children simply love masks, right? Make masks of the minions in yellow EVA, leaving the place for the eyes. Put the elastic to fasten and deliver to each guest! If you have mastered the techniques you need, making pencil sacks will be a great idea for Minions souvenirs.

Wear yellow fabric and garnish as you wish. Make sure you have enough time because this souvenir requires more preparation and dedication!

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